How to Add a Printer to Mac?

Do you still face issues to connect and how to add a printer on Mac? Our guide will surely help you to how to connect a new printer. You must own some technical skills to know the basic settings. Mac system is exceptionally designed to download and install new devices on the system. The new attached peripheral devices are automatically detected on Mac. Thus, a wireless printer proves to be handy and compatible eliminating the costs of connecting cables and expensive computer hardware. The user can send the printing jobs directly to the printer after adding the printer to the computer. Thus, follow the instructions and learn how to add a printer to Mac. 

wireless printer

How to find a wireless printer on Mac 

We understand that the idea to set up a printer often intimidates people but the steps are easy to follow. 

Add a USB printer 

For a USB printer just update the software and connect the printer to the Mac system which will automatically detect the printer and start the necessary downloading process if required. If you are adding another printer then 

  • Go to Apple Menu> System preferences, click on the Software update and install the listed software. If there is no update, your system will have the latest printer software. 
  • To unpack the printer, use the instructions that came with the printer to install toner, ink, paper, or other essentials. Now turn the printer on and wait for any error. 
  • Connect a USB cable to the system and a message will prompt for downloading software and install it. 

Add a network or Wi-Fi wireless printer

Learn how to add a wireless printer on Mac? If the printer is already on the list, you do not need to add any printer or install the setup. It is better to have a check by clicking on File>Print. After clicking on the Printer pop up menu will appear select Nearby Printers or Printers and Scanners preferences and select the printer or 

  • If you do not have AirPrint available, Go to Apple Menu>System Preferences, Click on Software Updates, and install the required software. 
  • If you have a wireless printer, connect the printer to Mac through UB, and install the printer to the Wi-Fi network. After the process, disconnect the cable and make sure that the printer is connected with Wi-Fi or a network for printing tasks. 
  • Click the Add button to add the listed printer if there is no printer mentioned in the dialog box. After adding the printer Mac will automatically install and detect the special accessories such as duplex unit, extra memory, and paper trays. Remember that all settings in the dialog box are accurate and installed properly. 

Add printer via IP address 

  • To add a printer by using an IP address, you must know the IP address of a printer. The process is simple. 
  • Click on Apple Menu> system preferences 
  • Now go to Printers and Scanners 
  • Click on the add sign to see the listed printers 
  • There is a blue global icon click on it to enter the printer’s IP address so that the macOS will gather the necessary information regarding the printer. 
  • You can also rename the printer accordingly 
  • Now click add to use the printer. 

Final thoughts

To connect the printer through USB the cable must be connected properly. After establishing the connection, the device must be recognized by Mac. Hope our guide proves to be helpful to our readers.

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